Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saint Valentines '11

Valentine's day is really too over-rated , i agree. Because everyday should be Valentines day ,no? Not only for couples but amongst our family and friends , especially ourselves as well. Gotta love yourself first before you love others, ain't that right!

But we celebrated it anyway! heees. This might shock you, but after almost 3 years of being together, this is the first time we've both celebrated teh VDAY with each other. Previous 2 years was always on the phone or the Webcam ..


So anyways, this gave us a HUGE excuese or reason to celebrate this over-rated day without feeling guilty :p Started off the day with an interview with this Company called Ogilvy that i've been dying to intern at! And i'm happy to say that i've got the Job!!!!! :D And this calls for a celebration doesn't it?

Where else better to celebrate than, my love for the Dim sum at Crystal Jade!



My Fave shot! hehehe







It was a very Simple Valentines, i feel events are much nicer kept Simple and sweet. We celebrated it over just...FOOD! hahhhaha we actually had a long weekend together and our
Vday consisted of Meeting up gambling with friends, ZOUK KL and Dai Chao and Dim Sum!

Talking about Zouk... TYSERN! IF URE READING THIS. I'm sorry for getting SO drunk and out of hand. hahaha But thanks for taking care of me and helping me out. You're a really great friend and i'm glad to have met you :)

ok back where i was......... Yes. FOOD! We had dinner at Jacks place only because i love the garlic bread and Escargots there!!! It's to die for!!!




We were soooooooooo mesmerised by the taste of the Escargot, we forgot to take pictures
of our MAIN COURSE! Yes it's that awesome! Haha! But no really, we just forgot :( Here's
whats left of it when we remembered.



Tah-Dah! That'st about it, but seriously it's true when people say they Jack up the prices by 30%. They have a specific menu for Valentines, which You DIE DIE must chose between 3 sets or don't eat there. And the 3 sets are all priced between 40 to 70 lor!

TMD! Daylight robbery!


P/s: Another thing to announce is that, i'll be heading off to Melbourne for further studies July this year. Don't know to Laugh or Cry because its such a great opportunity but i'll be missing so many people :(

P/s/s: My ankle was sprained the previous 2 years when Valentines was around the corner!!! Thank god no more sprained ankle this year LOL

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Land of smiles

Honestly, the trip was very very last minute . Was decided and was settled within a few weeks to a month, if i am not wrong :p It was a very short trip but we all truly enjoyed ourselves! I won't really elaborate much since Jun has already gone into the details in her blog. But here's my side of the story / trip / whatever you call it kay xD


Cheez & I decided that the best option would be to fly via plane from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur since, we're meeting Jun & Don there. It would've saved us 4 whole hours of traveling and the hassle of traveling to the Airport from KL city.

Our next plane to Bangkok was at 7 ish. * Thank goodness for online check-ins * So we literally went from the Arrival hall, met Jun & Don. Rushed to the ATM to get money and rushed to the Departure hall. *sweat*


Upon reaching the aiport, we got our transport settled, and were off to our hotel. Baiyoke Boutique hotel which was really comfy and affordable too ! Took a couple of hours to wash up, rest and get rejuvenated for the next half of the day! Which will be spent at MBK and Platinum Mall :D


And so the hungry & tired but excited four started their Adventure in the land of smiles.
*Bangkok dangerous the movie totally ruin the reputation of Land of smiles haha *







Headed on to Swensens for more ice cream , before dinner. Yes we eat desert before dinner cause we're cool like that :p




I love eating Roadside food stalls in other countries, it's only in such places that you really
get to try the real local delicacies and not in those posh restaurants!! See! i'm not that Atas after all hahahh~




Credits to don for some of the piccies

There's this other dish, which is a must have for both Baby & I in Thailand. We had it at Krabi and it just keeps us coming back for more more more!! I had it the very next day so you'll have to watch out for the next post! You can also read Jun's version of the trip on her blog ! :p


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hippity Hop Hop

And it's finally the Year of the Bunnehhh....

Soooo ,



From me & my darling bunneh, Pebbles!


&May you get as many red packets as i did , this year :p Or even more!!! Hehe I mean, Bunny New year isn't over yet. Still got chance to get more red packets :p


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My 2010 in a cute lil nutshell

Yes , I'm very well aware that today's not the 1st of January but the 1st of February!! But i have truly neglected my deal ol' bloggie. ;( Wether or not i'm a month late , i'll still blog it out! Like i said, i've tonnes of post pending and waiting to be updated :D

My 18th birthday with my favourite High school bunch!


Started my Diploma in Mass Communications
& Met an amazing bunch of friends .


Went for a Getaway to Krabi
Which took my breath away


pic 4

Celebrated my 2nd year Anniversary with Mr. Cheez
When he walked through the entire mall with this big ass bouquet of roses


Finally went back to Genting Highlands after 7 years


Finally went back clubbing again, with amazing friends and meeting new ones!


Bangkok the land of smiles ;)
with my close blogger turned friend Jun & not forgetting don



with my parents and Mr Cheez



ZOUKout 10th Year Anniversary
Tiesto live *swoons* & of course with my lovely dearies, Jess & YZ and the boyfies!


Finally, Ending my 2010 off....
With the best companions, free flow of beer and amazing DJs!



That pretty much summed up , my 2010. And... i'd say i had one heck of a 2010. And that i'm trusly a very blessed and lucky girl to have so many amazing friends around me! And a boyfriend that still loves me though may throw one heck of a tantrum at times :p

I dont know what challenges 2011 will bring me. But i'd just say, Bring it on 2011! I'm ready for u


Monday, December 6, 2010

mad house

Recently I went to catch a movie courtesy of omy, its a really freaky korean horror movie. It's kinda like the blair witch project, if you've seen it. If you haven't go watch it.. it's a love hate horror movie as well, you either love it or hate it.. This korean flick is called The Haunted House Project (told you it was similar lol even the name is so similar).

So anyways i'll leave a liiiitle bit on what the movie was roughly about, without revealing too much, I mean after all, it's isn't scary unless you experience it yourself don't u think? >:D

Over the past 42 years, six people have gone missing, eight people have died "accidently" and eleven cases of murder have occurred in a haunted deserted house somewhere in Gyeonggi Province. The home is now banned for all persons to enter. Nevertheless, 3 members of an abandoned house exploring club and 3 staff members of a broadcasting company go into the deserted house. All of them disappear without trace. Only a video is left behind .

Actually that's pretty much it, just a short synopsis which IS actually the movie in a nutshell. I feel that some parts of the movie abit unrealistic.. however with that being said it's still dam scary..So how was it unrealistic? how was it scaring us out of our trousers? you be the judge, see it for yourself... if you dare :D

Thanks again omy for the invites!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My dog ate my keyboard!

Morning earthlings, it's been 12785690 days since i've touched my rusty blog :(

I am truly, Sorry. *frown*

but yes here comes the excueses.....

My dog ate my keyboard!!!!!
Therefore i was unable to blog until i got a new one :x

You didn't believe that did you !!! pfft hahaha Well, Number one! I don't have a dog and number
tw. Even if i had one, he's prolly choke to death on the keyboard :(

So i've really actually been just.... WORKING.

And maybe partying abit :x
And Yes, i can hear all your thoughts scream

Ah yes, but that's life ain't it ! :( I've just started my internship with a Public relations company and is
really appreciating every experience i'm getting before i set sail for RMIT,MELBOURNE in July 2011 .

Sigh. But until the next week, i'm looking forward to holidays and holidays and even more holidays!



HELLO TAIWAN!!!!!!!!!!!
hearts hearts hearts!

Very excited because i'll be going there with my parents and my boy!
More hearts!!!!!!

So until then! Hopefully i'll be going out to more picture worthy places in Singapore and update you guys!


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