Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Land of smiles

Honestly, the trip was very very last minute . Was decided and was settled within a few weeks to a month, if i am not wrong :p It was a very short trip but we all truly enjoyed ourselves! I won't really elaborate much since Jun has already gone into the details in her blog. But here's my side of the story / trip / whatever you call it kay xD


Cheez & I decided that the best option would be to fly via plane from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur since, we're meeting Jun & Don there. It would've saved us 4 whole hours of traveling and the hassle of traveling to the Airport from KL city.

Our next plane to Bangkok was at 7 ish. * Thank goodness for online check-ins * So we literally went from the Arrival hall, met Jun & Don. Rushed to the ATM to get money and rushed to the Departure hall. *sweat*


Upon reaching the aiport, we got our transport settled, and were off to our hotel. Baiyoke Boutique hotel which was really comfy and affordable too ! Took a couple of hours to wash up, rest and get rejuvenated for the next half of the day! Which will be spent at MBK and Platinum Mall :D


And so the hungry & tired but excited four started their Adventure in the land of smiles.
*Bangkok dangerous the movie totally ruin the reputation of Land of smiles haha *







Headed on to Swensens for more ice cream , before dinner. Yes we eat desert before dinner cause we're cool like that :p




I love eating Roadside food stalls in other countries, it's only in such places that you really
get to try the real local delicacies and not in those posh restaurants!! See! i'm not that Atas after all hahahh~




Credits to don for some of the piccies

There's this other dish, which is a must have for both Baby & I in Thailand. We had it at Krabi and it just keeps us coming back for more more more!! I had it the very next day so you'll have to watch out for the next post! You can also read Jun's version of the trip on her blog ! :p


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