Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saint Valentines '11

Valentine's day is really too over-rated , i agree. Because everyday should be Valentines day ,no? Not only for couples but amongst our family and friends , especially ourselves as well. Gotta love yourself first before you love others, ain't that right!

But we celebrated it anyway! heees. This might shock you, but after almost 3 years of being together, this is the first time we've both celebrated teh VDAY with each other. Previous 2 years was always on the phone or the Webcam ..


So anyways, this gave us a HUGE excuese or reason to celebrate this over-rated day without feeling guilty :p Started off the day with an interview with this Company called Ogilvy that i've been dying to intern at! And i'm happy to say that i've got the Job!!!!! :D And this calls for a celebration doesn't it?

Where else better to celebrate than, my love for the Dim sum at Crystal Jade!



My Fave shot! hehehe







It was a very Simple Valentines, i feel events are much nicer kept Simple and sweet. We celebrated it over just...FOOD! hahhhaha we actually had a long weekend together and our
Vday consisted of Meeting up gambling with friends, ZOUK KL and Dai Chao and Dim Sum!

Talking about Zouk... TYSERN! IF URE READING THIS. I'm sorry for getting SO drunk and out of hand. hahaha But thanks for taking care of me and helping me out. You're a really great friend and i'm glad to have met you :)

ok back where i was......... Yes. FOOD! We had dinner at Jacks place only because i love the garlic bread and Escargots there!!! It's to die for!!!




We were soooooooooo mesmerised by the taste of the Escargot, we forgot to take pictures
of our MAIN COURSE! Yes it's that awesome! Haha! But no really, we just forgot :( Here's
whats left of it when we remembered.



Tah-Dah! That'st about it, but seriously it's true when people say they Jack up the prices by 30%. They have a specific menu for Valentines, which You DIE DIE must chose between 3 sets or don't eat there. And the 3 sets are all priced between 40 to 70 lor!

TMD! Daylight robbery!


P/s: Another thing to announce is that, i'll be heading off to Melbourne for further studies July this year. Don't know to Laugh or Cry because its such a great opportunity but i'll be missing so many people :(

P/s/s: My ankle was sprained the previous 2 years when Valentines was around the corner!!! Thank god no more sprained ankle this year LOL


LeneLene said...

Oh, you were in LDR too? Yes, everyday should be valentine's day but I do hope that I get to celebrate this overrated day with my bf for at least once since we've walk through 3 valentine's day and yet not getting to celebrate any =(

Jan said...

I agree that Valentine's Day is so over-rated! I'm celebrating it today tho to escape the crazy price hikes and congratulations on getting the job!

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