Friday, November 19, 2010

My dog ate my keyboard!

Morning earthlings, it's been 12785690 days since i've touched my rusty blog :(

I am truly, Sorry. *frown*

but yes here comes the excueses.....

My dog ate my keyboard!!!!!
Therefore i was unable to blog until i got a new one :x

You didn't believe that did you !!! pfft hahaha Well, Number one! I don't have a dog and number
tw. Even if i had one, he's prolly choke to death on the keyboard :(

So i've really actually been just.... WORKING.

And maybe partying abit :x
And Yes, i can hear all your thoughts scream

Ah yes, but that's life ain't it ! :( I've just started my internship with a Public relations company and is
really appreciating every experience i'm getting before i set sail for RMIT,MELBOURNE in July 2011 .

Sigh. But until the next week, i'm looking forward to holidays and holidays and even more holidays!



HELLO TAIWAN!!!!!!!!!!!
hearts hearts hearts!

Very excited because i'll be going there with my parents and my boy!
More hearts!!!!!!

So until then! Hopefully i'll be going out to more picture worthy places in Singapore and update you guys!


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