Sunday, January 11, 2009

Its officially announced...

p.s.s! Before i start, I want to wish Cuzzie Jarrold, & Friends Sopida,Rachael,Quincy,Annabelle. &others. on their upcoming O level Results tomorrow! Keeping you all in prayer! Hugs!

This post has been very long overdue. I have been speaking about writing this post for ages with
them people.And now im finally given the green light to go ahead and write it. (: What is this post all about!Well, when people get to know one another. They happen to like each other and then they startdating. What we have is something similar yet, special and unique in our own ways.
Im gona finally officially introduce you to the 5 couples that got together indirectly thanks to
Nuffnang and/or Innit. And what's even more special is that we are all pretty good friends and the friendship that we all have! And, well come on! Things like this dosent happen everyday. The rarity of such a thing happening to us deserves to be blogged about! :3 And im makin this post short and sweet! ^^

Soo, presenting the lovely couples.






I think some of you would have figured who already la ! :)

The Fun Lovin Couple

The Sweet Couple

I guess, we're the *retarded ones xp
*In a good & fun way

The Funny Couple? ^^

Agnes&Chris Gor
The Sweet Lovin Couple

Ohh wait, i forgot! There's actually 6 Groups ler, not 5!
Wahaha, i missed out ....







My Darling Les Partners!! xD xD

The Les Partners!! xD

P.s. I feel very lucky to meet and know them ^^
One of the most awesome people ever! :)
*hugs all of them ^^


Cathy said...

why did you put me and tw "funny couple???" ??? haha...

awww..i heart you too baby =) hugs hugs and kiss kiss =)

Venessa ♥♥ said...

wahaha! cos u both very funny mah =x
In a good way la haha ^^

Aww. Muacks Muacks darling!

JunJun-Riko said...

aiyo.. i look the oldest.. wtf.. XDXD

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...


les partners rockkkkk!!

Chris Thoo said...

awww..pinch pinch...thanks dear...

yesh jun...the

Huai Bin said...

OMG! You're Aries!

16th, I'm 5th April. :)

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