Sunday, January 18, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

Hey sweets & Sugars! I know , i haven't been updating and many have been complaining!! Im so sorry! It's the second week of school and Im still pretty much adjusting to the whole O level's year thing! So ive been very tired lately! Once im all settled and adjusted. I'll definitely go back to blogging more often :DSince i hadrly update bout what's been happening in my lifee, i shall do that for today's post aite? :D So, yesterday! I went out with a bunch of hawtties to NAFA & LaSalle's Open House. They're both private art instituitions which offers diplomas in Art Management. Graphics & Design and even Theatre Art , the one that im interested in. And many more! So go & check them out okay! :D hahah! Took alot of piccies too! Then after, we headed to bugis for abit, then to Orchard to get baby's valentine's present and to look out for my CNY's clothesss! :D

Haven't camwhore for a long time lo!
so don't complain xD xD

Nessy& Doreen

Nessa& Eva Girlfriend!


Ohhh, & guess who was there at the NAFA open house!
Randell!! :D

Nessy& Randell
Cuteness right! haha

Oh, Guess what me & Girlfriend saw at Bugis!

Then we headed for dinner @ Orchard!!


Toast & Eggs!! haha xD

Oh, please don't laugh when you see this!
I went to get new specs today!
Cos my eyesight is failing me T.T

Annnd, heres how i look wit specs!!

Gosh right!!
xD xD
That my sis beside me btw!! haha
Anywayys, i had an awesome day with gf, doreen & gf's friend.
Graduating students of 2009
Do check out on NAFA & LA SALLE
as one of your possible options too kay! :D

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Anonymous said...

ur sis look like a scary gremlin. she needs to update on her looks, scary!!!

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