Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Niu Year !!

CNY had been awesome for me!! How bout you guys? Though the CNY holidays in singapore is like only 2 days! I forgot how the malaysian CNY holidays are! But it's definitely longer than ours!My family dosent have to go around visiting. Because my grans is like the eldest, we all gather at my grans place which is my place. And just wait for visitors to come. And give us our Ang Paos =x So yes, that makes my house very crowded during CNY! lol but i like it when the whole family gathers together! :) How often a year do we get to do that!

The first Lou Hei ive seen with so many ingredients!!
Ingredients all handmade by my auntie! xD

hahah! Different Family has their own way of celebrating CNYs! It depends on the dialect too.
Cantonese Families usually gives 2 Ang Paos per couple. While the Hokkien ones, just give one to represent both. Also, in Lou Yee Sang or Lou Hei. Each Ingredient represents something. Like the crackers represent Gold Coins! xD Interesting eh! There's so much about CNY's that i do not know of! Maybe you guys can tell me if you know any!! Meanwhile,Here's how i celebrated my CNYs! I'll let the pictures do the talking aite! :)

Yayy! Everyone Loves Ang Paos!

CNY camwhore piccies =x

My Ah-dorable baby Niece

And then my room turned into WWE !
Pictures kinda blurry in the midst of the action!

D Plans Ambush attack &
Ambushes N from behind!

N Struggles and fights back!!

D resorts to one of the most commonly
and effective method!
The Hair Pull!!

N makes a comeback!!
Punching D in the face!!

It was effective, while it lasted..
D got up and grabbed N again
and went for the
Body Squeezer!!

While whacking N down on the bed!

1! 2! 3!
D wins!!

Do note: LOL, okay wei. the above was all just for fun.
they were just playfully hitting each other and being boys!

Basically, i spent CNY's with my whole family & cousins! Unfortunately on
CNY day 2. I was down with fever. It went up as high as 38.7 degrees! :S
Yeah. How sad right ! ahah. Getting a fever on CNY!
But nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoyed ur CNY's as much as i enjoyed mine!
Once again, Nessa wishes you a Gong Xi Fatt Choi!!
Happy Niu Year! xD


Yi Ling said...

wah! fever on cny :X hope you're well! T_T take care much k? *hugs* <3

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Hey Darling!
Wishing you a very very happy CNY and a blessed year ahead. =) said...

hey..i also get the same angpow packet as yours..the white Ox in the middle =)

Prince_Andre said...

CNY,CNY...hahhh...i just fill so boring CNY T T, i got 9 days holiday, it very2x long...XD
oh, in my first day we will gather at my family elder house till noon, it's only 1 times a year,i gather with whole my family...:)
happy for u,..^^

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