Friday, January 9, 2009

The storybook I would love to be trapped in

Gosh, how long has it been since i layed my hands on a storybook! No. Not any other normal storybook! But a Fairytale! A nostaligic feeling overcame me as i thought back of the times that i would have my favourite disney Fairytale read to me before i hit the sheets! And like every other little girl, i loved those typical fairytale stories where the servant girl or girl trapped in a high tower, would wait for the arrival of their prince charming to save them. And then become a princess and live happily ever after! I dont know why, but i remembered that my favourite was


Everyone should know the storyline of Cinderella, no? Yaaaa. The one with the glass slipper! Remember?? I love the story! Used to, and still do! But now that i've grown out of fairytales. I find fairytales all too predictable, but still? Deep down in the heart of every girl there is a place for us to dream. And yes, i wanted to be Cinderella, i would get mom to buy princess like dresses and loved to wear them. Then as i grew a little older, it wasnt so much of the princess image anymore. I wanted a prince charming, I wanted my own happily ever after. Till this day, a certain hidden part of me still longs to be Cinderella. I would gladly be trapped in it. Who wouldnt want a happily ever after? (:

Oh, And remember to;Catch Inkheart in cinemas from 22 January 2009!

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