Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2 weeks will be gone really soon.

Nessa will be going on Hiatus for 2 weeks
until January.
& will miss all of you!!
Of course i will come back to blog if whenever possible la!
&I Wana wish you all a very
Merry Christmas & Happy new Year (:

P.s: Mom, dad if you're reading this, thanks for making my life a complete wreck.
''i love you so much for that''! and will remember it always!! You deserve
an award for being the ''MOST Reasonable Parents'' and another award for the being the
Thanks baby for always being there for me !
It's always in times like this that i need you the most.
And you were there. Im sorry baby,if you're being
blamed for things that you didnt do by my parents..

Since i might not be blogging for awhile...
I shall take the chance to wish my dear cheez...

Happy 3rd Month Anniversary In Advance!
I love you so very very much baby!

P.P.S: Im still free to go out, so to bloggers that i know
that needs to contact me, feel free to email me @
For my contact number, as cheez will be helping me
to check my mail~ ^^


william said...

hv fun on yr hiatus period... i hope u could get the chill out necessary b4 resuming ur crazy schedule ;)

Jenny said...

hiatus for 2 weeks only?

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