Monday, December 15, 2008

Moovie & Good Food!

okay shoot mee, it's been forever since i last updated! haha, Well i just found out that The Nuffnang Christmas Party is like only for 18 & Above. *Tears! Sometimes, it sucks to be sixteen! I'm missing out on all the fun!! But anyways, im looking forward to future No Age Limit Nuffnang Parties la. Nuffnang still rocks. So to all my friend's that are going, have fun and take lots of pictures for mee okay! :) I actually have 2 things to update on, Firstly there was the Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Movie,Tickets from Nuffnang of course! Which i went with my cousin and thenafter, headed of a short supper with Mikey, Stephanie , Josh & His cousin!

&Also, i wana introduce you all to
this really awesome Dim Sum stall in Singapore!
It's called Wan Tou Sek! It's not a restaurant,
it's not fancy looking but hey, as long as the food is good!

Glutinous Rice

Pai Gu

Anyways, Wan Tou Sek is open 24 Hours!!
Good dim sum anytime of the day!
How awesome is that!
& i rate it 4.5 /5 Stars!

Wan Tou Sek
126 Sims Avenue
Tel: 67464757


Yi Ling said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHA. good food huh. next time we go makan tgt k? :D :D

Michael Yip said...

Once I've moved down to SG, you're going to bring me to this restaurant ok? :D

JunJun-Riko said...

not enough fooooooood!!! i want more food... I need more foooddd!!!!

william said...

i hv been eating too much, but i will not deny dim sum is one of the best food... very much looking forward to a dim sum meal asap :)

Jordan said...

Reading this post, it'd made me realised one thing- That the faces I saw during Nuffnang Blood Donation Drive are mostly underage kids.

Which means, this saturday when we are divided by our age, I will be up against more aged people and no underage kids.

I'm feeling abit awkward and curious about this still.

Harmony said...

blurry pictures ?

Venessa ♥♥ said...

Yi Ling: Sure :)

Mikey: okay i will BRING you there.xp

JunDear: LOL . okay,im going there again and will take more food pics ! miss you ^^

william: Yesyes! i agree that dim sum is one of the best food! xp

Jordan: wtf underage kids! _|_
lol, so what if underage la. hahah
old jordan! hmm.There are some people that are 30 but still act as though as they are 15. I am not really affected by people's age.
It's more about character & personality.

Harmony: sorry about that. Pictures were taken in a hurry!

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