Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KL Trip

Pic taken from Jess

Soo, i haven't been updating recently because i was away in KL. I have so many pictures, and had so many events going on, i am at a lost of where to start! Well, as expected time flies, and i am once again back in Singapore away from baby :( Basically, i headed to KL with my family. They went there for shopping, I went there for baby and to meet up with a number of other bloggers. This is gona be one long post, with pictures galore! So enjoy~

I took Bus Odessey to KL. The ride was both comfortable and entertaining. Each seat comes with entertainment , like a TV where we can watch a selection of movies and play games. Each coach comes with a service attendant something like an air stewardess on a bus. Meals are also served. What's best is that there is also WIFI on board the bus, So you can go online during your 5 hour journey from Singapore to KL or vice versa.

After 5 hours..i opened the curtains and was greeted by this view...
Of course, it told me that i have arrived in KL
and am now very very much nearer to baby. It was pretty late
after we checked into the hotel. I stayed at Crown Princess Hotel
at Ampang Park. Didnt get a chance to meet baby that day as he
headed back to his hometown. We then headed to KLCC Suria to shop a little.

Saturday, Day Two
Baby picked me up in his car, i was so glad that i finally get to see baby again.
As planned, baby drove us up to Berjaya Hills! And that place is beautiful...
First stop, French Village!

Next we headed to the Japanese Tea Garden at Berjaya Hills
and then to the Rabbit and Deer Farm!!

Baby feeding the bunnies!!

New born Baby Bunnies!!

Horsey wants bunny pellets too? xD


After that, we drove down back down to One Utama and met up with Chris Gor!!!
And also to have lunch, at Seoul Gardens!

Dont ask me what they were doing.
I have no idea too...

I dont want to know what baby was doing
to that dude... xD

After that, we parted with chris gor, and baby drove me to Sepang!
Yeah so we drove from KL to Bukit Tinggi then back to KL and then to
Sepang Goldcoast to catch the sunset...No pictures.!
Cause its our moment. :P
Then, baby drove me back to my hotel.....

Sunday, Day Three

Baby came to pick me up , then we headed to pick chris up!!
And then we went for Dim Sum, and met this lovely couple!
Cathy and Teck Weng!!
After morning breakfast, we made our way to pavilion early to
meet Jun Jun! ^^ Chris and Baby took me to try Baskin Robins!
Yes, we dont have baskin robins in singapore! we are that deprived!!
And then junjun came, and headed off for some Sakae Sushi!!

Baskin Robins~

After lunch, we headed to One Utama to meet up with the rest!
And then to the Curve for dinner at TGIF.

Of course, all the camera's were out and we were cam whoring alot!!

Yennie gave us something, so sweeet!!
After dinner, we headed out for more cam whoring sessions!

The guys as usual were acting damn gay!!!!

Monday, Day Three
Baby brought me to A&W!!
Bring A&W back to singapore :(

Then we headed to meet a couple of his friends, then went off to Find
Tze Lih at Port Dickson!! Wanted to go for dinner with him
but was unable to due to time constraint!(He FFK us!!! sob) And forgot to ake Pictures
with him as well! xD He took us to the beach @ port dickson!
Cannot beat the beach at Sepang Goldcoast wei! haha
After that, baby and i headed to Zhi Cha for dinner! I think that has got to be
one of the best dinner ever! Though simple...

More Random pictures!

Me & venetta

Cam whoring in the car, while baby's driving!

The Couple Tee, and Necklace baby bought back for me
from Zhu Hai!

Met baby yesterday morning before i went off at the hotel..
he wasn't feeling so well the night before already..it hurts cos i had
to leave him when he is like that. I cannot wait for December to come.
Because baby is coming in december... One month away..
Venessa be strong. (:

P.s. Baby, thankyou for everything that you have done for me for the
past 3/4 days. Driving me all over Kay Elle. And taking me to watch
the sunset at Sepang, though we didnt get a chance to in the end. But everything
felt so perfect. With or without the sunset. This trip was way
better than i thought it would be. I Love You so so much and i will
never forget this trip ever. Am looking forward to further trips with
you baby and your trip down to Singapore.


Harry said...

ohmigosh.. tw is the gay-ess!!

♥ JessieTan said...



plenty of love!

*looks left n right*

Cathy said...

Cheez is one of the sweetest guy, isn't he??i am happy for you =) although I think i am sweeter than him for u..hahaha...=) glad you had fun in KL with Cheezz...not me..sniff

ilovebudu said...

wow..to loong destiny..*pic kekeke

nice vacation right like a smile on ypur face & your friends

p.i love rabbit meat...

=chuanguan= said...

wow..u had so much fun

Yi Ling said...

i see that you had great fun there =) and you and cheez sure is sweet. haha. XD

c@nEy said...

hey babe...hugsssss

HAHA, now i know wheres the EXACT location of the 'exchange event' ady...LOL

nice meeting u sweetie, much love~

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

what about me? :( didnt even get to take a pic with u. aihh... :( i'm so sad now! :(

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

spend more time with ur baby =P hehe

kang yong said...

i see you are enjoy there and lot of sweetness from your bf. Glad that you have fun in KL... =)

joshuaongys said...

walao thats really quite some trip huh hahahahahahahaha nice meeting u although its a short one haha

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