Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nessa's Halloween!

While everyone's blogging about the Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party. I had my own Halloween experience myself! I headed for the Singapore Night Safari Halloween Horrors for two days straight! Halloween night itself and the day after halloween which was the very last day of the event! The main attraction of the event? The Halloween Tram Ride! Which i was unable to take on Halloween itself due to the over whelming response. So we headed back again the next day! I headed over with Sopida, Sister , Cousin and her friend.

On the tram, i sat with Sopida and beside me was a young couple about 17/18. Not even halfway during the tram ride, the boy took out a cig and lit it and started smoking! LIKE WHAT THE HECK! I have nothing against smokers! But HELLO? NOT DURING A TRAM RIDE!
Especially since this was the Halloween Extended route. There was close contacts to animals and grass all around. What if you accidentally drop the cig??? Anything can happen okay! So me and Sopida made comments like '' omg whos smoking! So smelly! '' they obviously heard but didnt give a hoot to what we were saying. People like you are INCONSIDERATE ASSES!!! And Obviously you didnt see the No Smoking Sign! ARE YOU BLIND?!! And while queuing for the tram, there was this other couple. I dont know what the heck they were doing but the guy was LICKING the girls neck! Omg! GET A ROOM PLEASE!! There are little kids around!!! *covers eyes* Please take your horny stuff somewhere else. Toilet or something. Not while queuing for a tram!! Anyways enough of inconsiderate asses! More pictures! ^^

Oh btw. Meet my long lost twin...

Wondering why she's my long lost twin?

I went, dressed up as a doll! *winks!

More Random Pictures! :)

And to end the day off...A webcam session with baby after he got back from the
Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party! He told me to take a print screen
because he did his hair up. And its only on rare occasions that he gels up and
does his hair. Hmm. hahah

I had a blast this halloween! How bout you?

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tZeLih said...

my baby cheez so handsome.


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