Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is gona be pretty personal and emo. But i dont care. Im still gona blog it out, anything to make me feel better. I dont want to keep it all inside me and break down. And give me a break.
im sure everyone has moments like this as well. where they're messed up and not in the right sense of mind.

Everything seems so messed up now. Stress from exams. Already horrible enough.
And then there are other people adding up to the stress. You. and You.
I dont know why im feeling like this all of a sudden. Horrible feeling.Maybe because of what i heard? Maybe what they
said was true. That i can say whatever i want but it only leads to me decieving myself.
Because it's true but i just dont want to embrace the facts.


Because im scared of getting myself hurt.
I dont want that feeling again.
I dont want history to repeat itself.
Of being Led on..then fall down when i know the cold hard truth that it was all an act.
that it was all a lie. Or an act of sympathy maybe?

I dont need your sympathy..


This might not make any sense to you.
But i need to get this outta my system.
Or it's prolly the PMS...
i dont know. I hope it is. Or maybe im lying to myself again to make myself feel better.
Maybe its. you?.......
Maybe .................

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