Monday, September 15, 2008

It's alway been in my books. That girls should never make the first move and confess their feelings to the other party. Call me old fashion, call me outdated, call me whatever you want. But i've always stuck to that tradition. The era where guys are gentlemens and go after the girl they like. The era whereby you dont see girls proposing to guys. Or confessing their love to guys. I believe that there are some things that we girls should just leave it to the guys to do. In the current world. Women and Men have equal rights.Sometimes We woman feel that we, can do whatever the men can. If not ,even better. So if guys have the rights to pursue girls. Why can't we girls pursue the guys as well? Or maybe because we girls feel that the guys dont like it when we get straightforward and confess our feelings?

Well after today, i realised that there are pros and cons to this issue. Im pretty much a harcore romantic,and books dont usually have the girl proposing to the guy right? plus, ive always been against the idea of girls pursuing , confessing to guys. Take myself for example. Me & A used to like each other. We flirted and had something going on for 4 months. But in the end, it didnt work out. We were waiting for each other to make the first move. ==

The lesson here applies to everyone, guy or girl, gay or straight. It's one thing not to act on feelings because you're not sure they're mutual. But if you like somebody and know that she or he likes you, you have to realize that someone's got to take action for something to happen. So don't get caught up with ideas of who's supposed to do what — if that someone isn't you, things might never move forward! :)


TNH said...

well,i agree with you...guys should take the first move.

Venessa ♥♥ said...

haha yeap.

Acey Tang said...

When you gonna propose to me instead?

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