Saturday, September 13, 2008

I havent had the time to do much blogging, due to the upcoming Examinations. Sept/Oct being the Exam season for everyone,but it also reminds me that once i get over and done with the exams, It'll be holiday season! 2 Months of well deserved break after the exams! I can't wait.
Taiwan here i come ! (;
Anyways, as you can see. I decided to try out the blog template from Blogspot and Ta-Dah!
Im still pretty unsatisfied with how the blog is looking right now. But im still in the midst of
making this blog look brighter and prettier. lol With a new header etc. !! If im still unsatisfied
with how the blog looks even after further adjustments. I'll change it back to my old blogskin.
So, i would need your comments on which blog template is better and how i should improve
on making this template a nicer one? lol

Because of some issues going on, ive been wondering. How can people fall in love / Like someone online that they have never even met. A crush is fine. But not to the extent of loving someone.Always ask yourself, if what you're feeling for the other party is a Crush , Infatuation , or even obsession(Oh, you never know :D ) ? Or is it love?!
People always ask whether online dating works, do people really meet and fall in love dating online? The simple answer is “Yes, it does work if you are realistic”.

But there are precautions and many other things to take note of when it comes to online relationships, number one. Its online! You dont know if the person you got to know is who he/she really is. Its dangerous. You have to learn how to read between the lines of profiles and people,& recognise red flags. Especially for young guillible teenage girls! >=|

And also,just because someone seems perfect for you online or on the telephone doesn’t mean that he/she is THE ONE. Because no one is perfect.Take time and keep your expectations low,dont be too superficial.One thing positive about dating online is that you get to know the other person's character and not judge the person based on how he/she looks.But at the same time, we're all hiding behind computer screens. So it might not be his/her real character. Have fun and make some new friends online but don’t expect that someone special to just fall out of the cyber sky in a short period of time. !

Of course , in order for the relationship to really work. You still need to meet up with the person.
To assure that you're really in love with each other and that the other party is the one for you. But provided you both get along really really well online la. You cant possible be together forever online right? == kinda ridiculous lol. Therefore in my opnion, online relationships only works for a period of time. But if you're looking for a really long term relationship. It Might be possible. but it'll be pretty hard =/


=chuanguan= said...

u had crush on ppl online..must be..hahaha

Venessa ♥♥ said...

Your heaad == lol
dun anyhow say! lol its because of some things okay! bleh =/

Josh said...

You going to Taiwan soon?!?!?!?! SO damn nice!

JunJun-Riko said...

what sort of love regardless online or not also will fail. >.<
only love between the homo will succeed. XD

3POINT8 said...

Online relationship doesn't work eh?
Then I'll break up with her tonight.

Thanks for the mind-blowing post

Venessa ♥♥ said...

Junjun> Homo? LOL!

Josh> Yeah going taiwan. ^^

3.8> LOL i never said it wont work.
Its possible. But its pretty hard. =p

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