Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nuffnang’s Movie Screening: Babylon A.D !

Heard about the upcoming movie by starring Vin Diesel? It's called Babylon A.D
The show is about A mercenary (Vin Diesel) that was asked to deliver a package,However, he didnt expect the package to be a person, his mission to to take the girl from the post-apocalyptic lands in Eastern Europe to the swarming city of New York. Trying to deliver the girl turns to be quite a challenge. And why is she so special?
What is it about her, and what are her secrets?

Wow, isnt the Sypnosis keeping you in suspence already? well,it is to me and the suspense is killing me! Yet another movie starring the wonderful Vin Diesel. Also starring in other awesome thrilling shows like ''The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift'' and even get together family movies like ''The Pacifier'' Already a great reason as to why you shouldnt miss ''Babylon A.D'' ! Its a show i definitely wouldn't want to miss, and a show im sure i wouldnt regret watching! Dont believe me? Watch the trailer and you'll know what i mean!

Or you might want to Know more about the movie at the Official Twentieth Century Fox: Babylon A.D. Website Here!

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