Monday, September 1, 2008

Diary of a Self Confessed Bakaholic!

Sorry darlings if i havent been updating, cousins have been over and exams are drawing nearr.
Headed out to vivo last night, and very content, cos i came home with ClotheS from Pull And Bear and Forever 21. And a Huge smile on my face. Anyways we were spose to bake a cake, so Cousin and i Headed out to Cold Storage at like 8pm to get the Ingredients. I dread grocery shopping. Got home at 9...and our baking adventure begins... we're not professionals okay...
so yes the kitchen turned out really messy. haha

Here's our recipe and Method of baking a really quick awesome chocolate cake in like half an hour.. You can follow it...but dont come after me, if urs didnt turn out good. =p


1 Betty Crocker Cake mix (easier)
3/4 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 and 1/4 cup of Water
1 Box of Icing Sugar
6 Eggs
Gummy Bears
Jelly Beans
Or Other wonderfull snacks
Like M&Ms , Tootsie pops and even Mealworms xD


Dump like All your ingredients in one big mixing bowl xD
(Leave the sweets for decorations and leave 3 eggs out, dump the rest in)

It will look like this......

Mix it well
It will have a sloppy texture...and since its chocolate
Chocolate + Sloppy texture

Looks really wrong la Lol!
Leave it aside.....time to do the icing...

Next, Seperate 3 egg yolks from the egg white, collect the
Egg white, and whip it!! It takes awhile if u whip it
whip it until it is in a non liquid form.
Add the whole box of icing sugar in, once whipped properly.
And mix it. You can add food colourings , depending
on the colour that you want ur icing to be.

Take ur cake mix , pour it into a baking pan and
bake it at 180 Degrees..for 25 mins or longer

Take ur cake out, put icing...
And now the fun part...Decorating it with Jelly Beans
Strawberries etc!

The Final Outcome!



Here's your crash course on Quick baking!
Like i said...we aint professionals la. haha but
pretty satisfied with the outcomeee!


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