Saturday, August 30, 2008

Met up with Mikey aka Zique and Josh aka Josh524 today, headed to Starbucks for awhile to lepak cos the shop wasnt opened yet.Thanks Mikey for the belanja (Starbucks better than Milo Dinosaur la =p ). And im sure that they're both very happy boys today. No, not because they've got a pretty girl with them (Ahem) But because, they've both gotten their PSP Lite. Rich boys. Tsk tsk. I only can see them buy....Lol!

Anyways, we headed over to Suntec City for the Comex Fair. Its more like a boys haven la. I wouldnt mind going there with my Parents. Because im in need of a new Ipod/Pink Laptop. Girls dont like window shopping! =p And josh says that ''Guys will go there even if there is nothing to buy'' Goes to show, how much i still dont understand guys . =='' haha
So i'll prolly drag my dad there tomorrow! Haha, the crowd scary. Squashed like Packed Sardines! I mean, the both of them are rather tall. Wherelse, im...short.Therefore, I was like in desperate need of Oxygen!! Lol! And i felt really claustrophobic! haha After exiting the first Hall, i let out a sigh of relief. I was almost fainting from the lack of oxygen =p Then Josh said that there's another Hall upstairs. haha Oh no~ But i went ahead anyway la, since the boys were like enjoying themselves. I didnt regret heading out today yeah. It was great meeting Mikeyy that came all the way down from KL and Josh~ Didnt get to take much pictures because we were walking most of the time. But, am looking forward to the upcoming Gathering with the rest on the 20th and meeting Nath , Thoo Thoo aka ChrisThoo and Mikey and Josh again~

Haha i think i have phobia of crowds now

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