Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Confessions Of A Food Junkie

Headed over to check out ''Jacks Place'' at the newly renovated Anchorpoint a couple of days back. It might be a small Shopping centre but the renovations definitely gave Anchorpoint a new look , with newly opened shops like '' The Coffee Club'' and '' Times Bookstore'' Well, back to where i was. I've always been a fan of ''Jacks Place'' Its usually a place , my family and i would go to for a casual dinner. So i was thrilled when i found out there waa a newly opened outlet at Anchorpoint which was rather nearby. So, off we went, to test the service and the quality of food.
So far, my family have agreed that the Jack's Place at the West Coast Recreation Center has one of the best service and quality of food. Also,the ambiance there is nice. Let's see if the Outlet at Anchorpoint is just as good in terms of not only food but also service.


We ordered a Half a dozen of Oysters.

And, we were pleased.
As the oysters were quite Fresh.
Ratings: 4/5

Next, were the Escargots!(Yes. French Snails) My family's all time favourite!
They're really delicious.

However, it was not cooked to our expectations.
It was dry, and there was little seasonings.
However, i still love escargots! =p
Ratings: 3/5

And for the main course,
All five of us ordered, the Black Pepper Sirloin Steak Meal.

I always like my steak done ''Medium Rare''
My dad cant stand the sight of blood, so he takes ''Very Well Done''
And his steak is like always super tough.!

Anyways, at this point of time, we decided to test the quality of the service.
We then became ''annoying'' customers, asking for HP Sauce, Then Tobasco Sauce , then
extra Black Pepper Sauce. We even Asked to have our steaks packed up , because some of
us could not finish the our Main Course. And the waiters were more than obliged to acceed to our request without showing us any sign of unwillingness.

Service Ratings : 3.5/4

Would we go there again?
Definitely. (:

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