Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dinner with my dear doreen!

Since i havent been to school for the past two weeks due to Exam break, and since we havent gone out together in ages! Also i havent been stepping out of the house much due to exams!!We decided to take the chance this evening and head out for a short dinner to catch up.We were both late! Initial time was to meet at 6.30 but we ended up meeting each other at 7.30! The both of us actually felt like eating the meatballs at Ikea but when we got there and saw the queue. We immediately turned back and headed for Anchorpoint which was only opposite Ikea! (: We being the indecisive us, couldnt decide on where to eat. Its always a problem when you're cash strapped! lol So we decided to settle down for the Hong Kong Cafe!

I ordered, Hong Kong Milk tea while she ordered barley!
Look at the cups that they use to serve the drinks.
We had to take a picture of those!! lol

Doreen's Cheese Mushroom Rice??
She complained that there were too many tomatoes!
Hahah, I couldnt find the picture of my food in my phone
but i swear that i took a snap of it!!

And we ordered Dim Sum too!
Har Gao and Pork Ribs!

Then Some camwhore session!!
We couldnt find a proper place outside to camwhore
Cos it was raining, so we chose this spot near the entrance of the car park
And i bet those people driving their cars in and out
were starring at these two girls in the middle of no where
snapping away!!

Eyeee bags & No make up!!
Cos i thought i was late, & was rushing out of the house.
Havent been sleeping early!
sigh, x.x
Chris & Cathy and my boy are currently enjoying the show ''House Bunny''
I wana watch toooo!!! :(
Oh wells!! Have fun darlings! (;
Credits to doreen for the pictures, cos pictures taken with my phone
seriously sucks. I forgotten to bring my cam!

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