Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dinner @ Crystal Jade Vivo City

Theres always a reason why my family always keeps going back to Crystal Jade for Chinese Food. No doubt, we love chinese food. And of course we look for the best, Service and food!
And i'd say, for the best chinese food in terms of Service , ambiance and Food. Head to Crystal
Jade Vivo City. But heres a tip, remember to make reservations beforehand. Cause it's usually packed there. Especially on Public Holidays. Well, i shall let the Food, i mean pictures do the talking! (;

Pu'er Chinese Tea

Roasted Pork Skin?

Beijing Peking Duck

Duck with Spring Onions?

Steamed Crab With Egg.
We had black pepper crab before this, But i forgot to take a snap of it. lol

The crab is so huge,
Its pincer is like longer than the length of my finger

Cereal Prawns!
Thers something bout the has like
a crunchy texture to it. lol

Roasted pork
This is a different dish from the one above.

YangChow Fried Rice

Stir Fried Kailan with Garlic

Deserts anyone? (:

Mango Pudding
Mango Pudding with ice cream in coconut


Salivating now? lol So yeaaah, if you're from Singapore and you never tried crystal Jade vivo
You're missing out on alot. If you're not from Singapore and if you do drop by for a holiday or whatever. You should go there. *winks

Something out of topic.....Mom got this from chinatown a few days ago and i asked what it is.. so she asked me to go figure. Some help please? lol

What is thiss?????!

P.S.S: Im love sick la, i miss my


TNH said...

Your picture really explain how good this restaurant food really so attractive and feel like so delicious just from the picture

joshuaongys said...

wahhh... this one... pricey place wehh

mskylle said...

it's a pillow.

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