Thursday, August 14, 2008


After joining NuffNang for a week, i now believe that it actually works! I am definitely looking forward to my first paycheck, even though it might take awhile! But at least im getting a head start at earning some form of income for myself , instead of always taking money from my Walking ATM Machines [My parents].A few days ago I havent had much faith that I could actually earn money from NuffNang, so i went around the website searching for answers and came across many other blogs. Interesting ones and....the not so interesting ones. So yes, i eventually found my answer. I've managed to find the blogs of a number of people that had already recieved their paychecks!Yes NuffNang. I finally believe in you! ! From the many blogs that i had come acrossed over the last few days. There was a question stuck in my head.

Are more bloggers using the sex to sell Method for Popularity?

I came across quite a number of blogs, whereby the blog owner would put up pictures of themselves scantily dressed, posing in various forms of poses, a sixteen year old should not see.[Covers face] And, im not surprised that their blog ratings were pretty high. Probably viewed by lustful old men online that gives them comments like ' Hi sexy, I want you in my pants!' [Yes, I saw one like that!!] And I almost puked my lunch out. Celebrities use sex to sell just to gain popularity as well. Like example, The Pussycat Dolls. We all know that the only person in the grop that actually has the talent to sing is Nicole Sherzinger, The rest i dont know, dancers perhaps. But, look at all their Music Videos, and Live concerts. The clothes they wear.The way they dance! You cant deny that it's one of the major reasons that they rose to fame so quickly.Would anyone want to see 5 old , fugly women dressed fully covered on stage shaking their asses and singing the line 'Loosen up my buttons'. Most will say No.

Something i drew for fun :D
Pardon my ugly and distorted drawing! xD
If hot blondie here cant sing, but has the looks
She'd definitely get popular, no?
What if, hot blondie turns into the one below?
Cant sing, No looks. Would things be different?

True? So, back to topic. Are more bloggers using the sex to sell method for popularity? Whatever happened to ' I go to your blog, because i think your post cracks me up' Or ' Because i like to read your posts' ! I feel that using the sex to sell method is just a shortcut to fame and popularity. Whatever happened to the true meaning of blogging! [Entertaining readers the right way] Lucky for us, there's still hope. So cover up! You dont need to flash some skin to get popular!


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