Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kisses aren't contracts.
(And apparently, neither are words)

Im finally done with 4 Hours of Biology tuition. Maths paper 2 was really sadistic. I dont understand anything. So, im prepared to fail maths as usual. Chinese was fine, the vocab section came out with a passage that i had done before during Chinese tuition a couple months back!

Well, The big News Flash when i got home today....

Daddy got offered a Job by this Big company, also in the Shipping industry . With definitely a much much better pay i must say. But, he is required to stay in Bintan 3 times a week, to over see the new Shipyard there and stuff! And mom's gona be there with him during those 3 times a week. Im not sure, if i can adjust to my parents not being around 3 days a week. But, we'll see how it goes when he starts next week. But, Yeah. Mom's happy. She gets to stay at one of the Bintan resorts 3 times a week and get her spa and everything done! I should probably drop by one of the days for spa too,hahah.Honestly, Im not too thrilled about the idea of my not meeting my parents 3 times a week,[I cant believe im saying this, but yes! I'll miss them!].I guess i'll get used to it. Looking at the amount that my daddy is getting paid. I'll probably force myself to get used to it, and see more shopping sprees come my way! :D

Everyone wants to be BEAUTIFUL
but getting beautiful, isn't pretty.

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