Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Pocketfull of Posies

Finally, a new blog layout after a year? I finally found a simple, pictureless yet awesome Skin. Gorgeous aint it? And i added BLG's HeroHeroine, I couldnt use Thunder, as they only had it as a Demo Track. I love BLG to bits and pieces. Today, i surrendered my baby [The Laptop] to mom. And she wouldnt be returned to me until prelims are over. A few more days to go. I screwed Literature paper today, I was already done with One and A Half page of Section A when i realized that I had done the question wrongly, I was left with 15 Mins to re-do section A and left with 20 Mins to complete 3 questions on Section B. Scoring an A for prelims , is now out of the question.

Also, I had Chinese and Maths tuition . Can life get any worse than having two tuitions a day?!
Im prepared to fail Maths and Chinese paper tomorrow. [Screams!] Been feeling the preassure, and its killing me slowly! No kidding. Tsk! I cant wait to get over and done with Ns! !

I came across, this website that people can donate a monthly donation of as little as $10 to support a kid in Africa! It's so meaningfull. And the kid that you're somehow funding will write occasional letters to you! Aww much? Mind you, $10SGD is alot of money for them in Africa.
I 'll probably give up $20 a month from my Pocket Money and ask mom to send it over or something. I'll provide you guys with the website links and more details soon! Either that or get clicking to Freerice.com!

Im tired, gona go get my beauty sleep! Mom's sending me to school tomorrow! Awesome :D

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