Monday, August 11, 2008

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer

Edited: Baby [My Laptop] Why did you have to let me down? I spent 2 hours doing notes for TKMB and when i was done, you had to make Microsoft Words not respond to me, and made me loose all that i had done. I am utterly dissapointed in you baby [My Laptop]. In fact, i hate you!

I almost cried today during tuition, the thought of 3 hours of Chemistry already drived me almost mad. Tuition started at 3, and was supposed to end at 6. I was hungry, i hadnt taken lunch. I was cold, the aircon was set at 18 degrees. To be exact,I was cold and hungry and i had my butt stuck on a stupid chair for 3 whole hours with the contents of the entire chemistry textbook thrown at my face , time seemed to be passing really slowly. I was really looking forward to 6pm. Until Until!! She said that she wanted to extend tuition for another hour. I swore, i almost cried. At that very moment when she said that,I had that urge to throw the blardy textbook into her face. Anyways. Chemistry and Literature exams tomorrow. I havent mugged for Literature.

MY BOYS LIKE GIRLS OBSESSION!! I WANT TO SEE THEM WHEN THEY COME TO SINGAPORE END OF AUGUST I WANT TO MEET THEM LIKE UP CLOSE! In my entire life, they're probably the only band ive ever lived to like. Since young, ive had a problem with people going crazy over idols. Because, i have always thought that no matter how crazy you are over them, they will never get to know you. So your obsession would be Pointless. Fullstop. But, Boy like girls, the first band that took my breath away with all their songs! Not exaggerating. But, this is the only time. Ive liked all the songs from an album. And no, i dont go for their looks. I never thought that anyone from BLG is cute. I just felt that somehow, i could relate to all their songs. It's so typical american Garage Band kinda thing. hahah. And the lyrics. Ah-mazing! Kanye West in coming too. But his tickets start from $88 dollars. Sorry hun. I've been pretty broke lately,But!! i wouldnt mind paying that amount for BLGs Though. Too bad they aint having a concert, but an open show which is even better! :D

Deborah! We shall try until we get our hands on them passes!!!!
Date! Date! :D hahah

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