Friday, August 15, 2008

Superficial, arent we all?

Dont we all wish, that someday we could just cleanse away our visage. Tone down our blemishes and salve on a new face, shower away our plump, emolliate our skin. Pat dry and take a look at the new you?

Just 6 easy steps to a new you. Cleanse, tone, moisturize followed by a soap shower and towel dry.Vanity & beauty isn't this what we all wish for? The imagery is just too explicit to describe.
Almost like a horror movie, Washing off your nose and eyes? Moulding your skin to a desired shape? Look at the exorbitant amount that many people are willing to spend just to look perfect.
And the number of people going under the knife, all the pain they're willing to go through just for perfection? It's scary thinking about how superficial the society is now. But In our superficial society,this is just something we have to face. We can deny it and lie to ourselves that we're not superficial. But everyone is superficial one way or another. (:

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