Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To: People with no sense of originality and goes around copying bloggers ideas for their own blog.


Some people need to have some sense of originality! Stop copying people's style of blogging
because it's just not nice. And you wont feel a sense of satisfaction, yes people will view your
blog but so what? The work's not done by you! Firstly the pictures then now this? You think
Blogging is so easy is it? We still do have to crack our brains to think of interesting things to
write so that our readers will keep on coming back, and there you people go, copying away .
Especially when it comes to our style of blogging, everyone has their own unique way of blogging.
Its a matter of how you make your unique way of blogging appeal to readers.And its very sad that you're not happy with your own unique style [More like insecure] and that you have to go about copying people. Bloggers should have their own sense of originality la not copy and paste our ideas and think that by doing so you will gain from it. Because as mentioned, in the end you wont feel good, no matter how high your ratings are because the work is not your's. It's all a fake.
What you're doing is equivilent to lying to your readers. ==

So just refrain from copying other bloggers. It's really annoying.

With much love,


The Malaysian Explorer said...

Can't agree with you more.


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Clement said...

I totally agree with you. Blogging is not easy especially for a newbie like me. Still finding it hard to write a post. But im satisfy with the end results. Originality is important like you said.

Although Im still new and having little readers, but Im still enjoying what im doing, blogging! :-)


Muhd Zulhairy said...

I have to agree with you about this. It's not easy as I thought it will be. I am new to blogging and I'm always finding ways to create new ideas or topic for my blog readers.

It'll be irritating if people copy your post and claim as theirs. What more if they copy your picture and put their website url on the photo.

That is so unacceptable.

-Abang Long

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