Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Got Milk?

My sister being a 13 year old kiddo while shopping ,would always tend to go around shops
buying any adorable little thing that had caught her attention, provided that its affordable and bring it home. A couple of days ago, she brought home something that i too found really interesting and thought that i should share this with you readers! xD

Every morning i would need a cup of low fat milk to start off my day. But drinking plain milk everyday gets borring eh. Well now, i have found something that could change the flavour of your plain milk in just split seconds! It's a straw but its no ordinary straw mind you. It's called 'Sipahh' Rofl, yes! And inside the straw is a tube which contains bead like sweeteners and flavourings (Depending on the flavour that you have bought) Put the straw into your plain milk and Ta-Dah! Your plain milk now tastes like Strawberry Milk! Tired of strawberry? Fret not, there's a variety of flavours for you to choose from. From Chocolate mint to Banana and even to Cookies and Cream. Never heard of Cookies And Cream Flavoured Milk eh?

I myself didnt believe it, so i gave it a shot .... xD

Haha, Yes, that's my 'Just got out of bed ' Look! ==
Final verdict : It taste exactly like a Strawberry/Chocolate flavoured milk!
Rating : 3/5

For people that think im a hypocrite myself what so ever.
Feel free to think that way, because like what jj says, You havent even interacted with me
to really know what kind of a person i really am. If blog hopping and reading blogs and Just
letting people know in their cbox that i happened to drop by and read their blogs is considered
being a hypocrite and an attention seeker then i think everyone of us are hypocrites and
attention seekers la? Im not perfect eh, if you judge me when you dont even know me, then
You're one hell of an insecure person, who goes around talking about people just to make
yourself feel better. I wont let it affect me . Love me or hate me, its your choice (:

Much loves,

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