Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Updates Regarding Post Before!!

[ I promise myself that this will be the first and last time i will waste my time to blog about people like this ]

Dear Passerby,

Thankyou for taking your time to read my blog. As far as i know, i do not know you and
neither do you know me. I do not judge people on how they blog and do not care if they
are attention seekers or if they try to 'act cute' what so ever, i base my judgement when i
interact with that person, and as far as i am concern, JunJun has been really nice to me.
And yes to me she is a nice person. Even if she is not, she cant really do much to me can she?
So i rather much see her as a nice person, i rather make a friend than loose one . Secondly
i never said that i was pretty. You can say that im ugly and put me down but nope it aint gona work. I do not care what people think about me online,as for my real life, my bunch of friends have been with me through thick and thin the past few years, and true friends dont spite each other
because of how they look. You can spam my chatbox with insults thinking that by doing so,
you will bring my reputation down. I never had much of a reputation through blogging in the first place, if my readers enjoy reading my post,then they are welcome to come back. They make the choice. As for originality, friends in real life knows that i have been blogging like this for the past two years. &I joined NuffNang and got to know JunJun only two weeks ago. ==

Passerby, Yes you can use whatever excueses or reasons that you have to 'Justify' yourself.
Holler insults at me, but it aint working. Because in the first place, i do not even know you.
Call me ugly , whatever. I do not care what people online will think about me, as long as
the people around me love me for who i am inside and not outside. Which i know they do.

Thankyou for passing by.

Much love,

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