Friday, August 22, 2008

Note : Dont take the post seriously eh. Im singaporean too and not
all singaporean type like this. only certain 'twits'.

I havent exactly had the time for a blog update , must be getting bored huh. Well, im back (:
First and foremost i wana thank my readers for being such darlings for taking their time to drop by my blog!

Ta-Dah! My greatest achievement in NuffNang

And it really wouldnt have been made possible without you people. *Nessa hugs readers* haha!

So anyways, ive had really random people adding me up on msn, I dont know how they've managed to get hold of my email but nevertheless i will accept them. However, there's one particular person that scares me. Im not gonna reveal names la. (:
haha but dont you hate people that 'talksh liike thiish'? okay, so i aint really good at that.
But you know what i mean. I dont understand why people type like that. Isnt it difficult to read? And would you rather type 'I love you' (8letters) or go the extra mile to type ' iie lurbbs euue' (13letters). Me and fellow blogger Cheez were trying to figure out why some people type /text like that. So, we decided to do a little experiment. Why not try it ourselves! (:

But Yes we utterly failed. haha

Anyways to end the post of, i would like to share something ive found with you~ No it aint christmass but here's the the twit's version of 'Santa claus is coming to town' It totally cracked me up ! Enjoy~

______*__merrie x'mas___*____

x= . euii betta watch 0ut ,
x= . euii betta n0t cry ,
x= . euii betta n0t pout ,
x= . ii'm telling euii why !
[( ssanta cclaus )] ish c0miin t0 t0wn.

=x ; he's makiin a list checking it
=x ; he's g0nna find 0ut who iish
naughty or nice !
[( ssanta cclaus )] ish c0miin t0 t0wn.

h0h00s ~ mmerrie xxmas in advance !
cheerrs ! enj0y eurself yeahhs ?

For the love of god, someone should save them!
haha (:

Much loves,

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