Saturday, August 23, 2008

Headed out to the Singapore Fireworks Celebration 2008 Yesterday to catch a spectacular view of the amazing firworks display. Two international award winning teams from Europe and Asia [ France and Korea ] were invited to showcase their cultures through a dazzling display of fireworks blended with moving music and to stage amazing pyromusicals in Singapore' s night skies. It will be held from the 22th to the 23th of August. So, you guys might make it in time for today's fireworks display! It starts at 9pm but be sure to come early to beat the crowd! Best Viewed at the Esplanade. (:

My apologies if the video is a little shaky~
I had to hold the cam up for 10 whole mins!

Headed out to Clarke Quay for a couple of drinks/shots after and we settled for a restaurant
called 'The Steakhouse'. Situated in the midst of all the noise clubs around us like
Kandi Bar and Arena. I Loved the ambiance there ! 'The Steakhouse' is highly recommended!

Mexican Beer

My Tri-Peppered Sirloin

The price was a tad expensive costed close to $200 for two steaks and etc, but the food was delicious, enjoyed the mexican beer and loved
the ambiance , so i say its totally worth heading over there for food and drinks!
Enjoyed my night out, awesome food , drinks and amazing display of firework
top it up with plenty of fun. Im exhausted but, its not everyday that i get to see
fireworks eh! Cherrios. (:


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