Monday, August 4, 2008

They say white lies are innocent

I was waiting for mom to get me after school, im skipping Night studies today. Too tired to stay for night studies. Anyways, while waiting for mom i had nothing to do, and started going through my phone. Looking at past messages that i usually wouldnt look at, because it would make my heart flutter ,remind me of the past knowing that its gone forever and hurt me. But, today the fluttery feeling wasnt there anymore. And it had hit me that, ive finally acomplished what ive been trying to do for the past few weeks.Im finally over you. Time Will Heal Everything. And oh, So does Retail Therapy :x

Australia suddenly seems like a nice place.At least there are plenty of cute caucasian boys! idont know. Im still very reluctant to go there. I hope im only moving after im done with my Os here. Its really fustrating when the person you like. Is so oblivious to everything.I missed you today! Why are all the wrong guys liking me. Every single guy is just wrong. Except you.
You're Perfecto! Why cant you just open your senses a little wider and actually see the message ive been trying to convey to you?! Or are there stamps stuck to your eyes that is causing the oblivious-ness? Tsk!

Just cause you've got bootlickers treating you as a ''Greek Goddess''
*Pukes! You're a total mess ! Really. Tsk Tsk

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