Saturday, August 2, 2008

Her Inner Self

Singfest. Shit happened though. New Found Glory ): But i swear they're awesome awesome. Dont wana talk about it. 9 Plus headed to town. Taxi Fare was blardy expensive. From Fort Canning to town costed us 8 dollars. whatthefuck right. Wanted to go catch a movie. Tickets were all sold out. So we decided to head up to chambers instead. Got a room and watched 'The Hottie And The Nottie' I watched it already. But cousin wanted to watch it. so Yeah. Anything.
Played the computers in Chambers, the room behind our room was fucking noisy, couldnt watch the show in peace. I played the computer halfway and it hanged on me. Fucking annoyed. Was texting Soren the whole time. Hes damn irritating but funny. Never fails to make me laugh.He said, i was a bad girl for heading out till so late. He warned me about the 7th Month and not turning around if i hear someone call my name.Lol. that freaked me out. Stupid Lzhu. hahah.
Homed. So pissed! So pissed! )=< Bleh

Tag Replies

JiaYi:Bestie, then go revive it!! (: hahah , mine's pretty much dead too!
Sharmaine: I know i know. I SHOULD BE STUDYING. ):
Trixie: Hell Yeah. Flea Markets soon!! ho-ho! xD
GenGen: I know. Major Bitch situation. Hahah, I so hate her to the max! Psh!
Thanusha: Babe, ive relinked. (:
Eunice: Social Bunny? haha
Doreen: haha Love you too. Love Much

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