Friday, August 1, 2008

Memories lost and forgotten

So the old things make way for the new, im intrigued by your personality. You're so nice and everything, that certain feeling is coming back again, so quickly. I dont think you know it. You're so oblivious. But, i like the way it feels, hanging around with you. I feel so at ease, i dont have to pretend to be someone im not. Thankyou for everything you've done for me for the past few days. And, dont tire yourself so much cos of your project yeah. xo

School was as usual back to its normal pace,no more awesome day in school.haha but anyways TGIF. Ive been looking forward to fridays so so much. School has been pretty uptight and stressful recently. And Cousin feels insulted because **** has the same pencilcase as her! I would if i were her too! hahah. Im tired. next weeks gona be tough cause i would have to juggle daily tuition and night study. 3 Hours of Chem/Maths tuition tomorrow. Someone save me please. Bleh

i miss you S!

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