Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vanity Affairs

Guys can be such jerks at times, well they're jerks all the time. Damn, whats up with guys nowadays, You hardly ever encounter good guys anymore. They're either lusting after you or have something up their sleeves. The awesomely cute and good looking and nice ones are gays.
Leaving behind the Jerks. Tsk.And I dont get how guys can confess their love to you, after knowing you for only a week. Also, i think guys like that Ken Ferera are assholes.You already have a girlfriend and you're leading people on? Thanusha told me about what happened yesterday. Looser and Coward. I despise guys like youuu!

Oh,School was awesome today. Hallelujah. And I figure deborah will know why its so awesome eh! hahahh. Oh and doreen Texted to tell that there isnt any more stock for the N Level Maths TYS. So i called Popular myself, and they said all their other outlets ran out of stocks as well.
So therefore i called directly to the publisher myself. And guess what, they were left with 3 copies, Last 3 copies in Singapore reserved by me!!And they wont be like reprinting it anymore~! So i reserved all 3. Theres like 2 extra copies for whoever that wants it. First Come First serve okay!

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