Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dainty Little Dancer
Major Update! 11.32 @ 29.07.08
Updates of Birthday Wishes! (:
It's like a fairy tale without a happy ending
But then again maybe we are just pretending.
Why does it have to be so unfair?
Tell me that you care.
And I guess we're really over, but come over, i'm not over it.

Cousin called me, when i was about to blog, saying that she's unwell. Lovelove, hope you're feeling better.I already informed Jarrold for you and hes on his way home now.Go see the doctor and get plenty of rest. Whipe those tears away, Im sure you'll be fine. Love Much cousin.

School was awesome possom somehow today well, one of the better days i guess, enjoyed chemistry and maths lesson. haha, probably cause i understand the topic that Mr Ng brought up during Maths today?But, give me algebra and i'll pout in your face! lol During classes i've got Alex and Soren for entertainment, texting the both of them, i feel like an idiot smiling to the phone sometimes cause they're so hilarious, i think doreen sees me doing that sometimes and thinks that im mad right! hahah, ive got this 'You Should Be Studying' thing from shar's phone.
It's like propaganda i swear, so hopefully it'll work on me and i'll be motivated to mug! Hees.

Found out something shocking today when i got home, total joy killer and like very absolutely sudden. My parents are looking for a house in Australia, Melbourne maybe Perth. Dad said they're planning to migrate there. And yes with us tagging along. I dont know when. But, they've already got a property agent and are looking through houses there already, so yeah thats how serious they are about this. Fucking joy killer okay. I dont want to leave, cause all my loveloves are here! My grandparents are here!! And WHY Australia. Oh Em Gee. Of all countries Australia? I dont want to speak like, 'Good day mates' . whatthefuck right. USA maybe i'll gladfully go. Not Aussie. Bleh. what should i do. Damn.

Lots of Love to people born on the 30th July.

We've had our misunderstandings , but dude. You'll always be the bestest ever yeah.
Always Protectin me since we were toddlers. hahah. Happy Sixteenth Cousin!

Heya Girlfriend. You're finally legal! But behave yeah! haha!! Love Much!!
I enjoy chinese lessons with you!! hahah Happy Sweet Sixteenth Girlfriend!

Haha you prolly wont read this , but happy 60th Birthday! hees! Thankyou for tutoring me
for the past 13 years of my life, Serious hell yeah 13 years. Time passes so quickly yeah?
You're loved by me & venetta. (:


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