Monday, July 28, 2008

Dont kiss me goodbye

I dont even think that you'll be reading this, but whatever.You wouldnt even bother anymore, but its just bothering me so much, that i still miss you and that i still love you? You think its so easy to just move on like that?! That i still cling on the the chance that things might work out again after we see each other,after my exams.It wouldnt even be considered a patch, because it never really started at all. Why can't i just let this go? You dont care, but i do..I saw the BBS, and the feelings came back again,and then it hit me that im still not over you...and that i probably still do love you. It sucks that when a girl gets involved in a relationship, shes puts all her feelings into it. But guys dont, thus they can move on so easily. Its just so typical of guys to just walk away like that without even feeling anything. Assholes.

I woke up in the morning with absolutely no voice coming out from my throat! I didnt go to school once again, headed to the doctors! Therefore, i wont be talking much in school tomorrow? It feels weird, that i havent been talking much for the past few days. And i miss talking to cockroach boy and Alex, to be honest. haha crapping with them is really fun. They make me laugh like fuck. Am definitely not looking forward to school tomorrow. I hate tuesdays. I should name it like omfgit.(ohmyfuckinggawditstuesday) Tuesdays are super long days for me, school ends at like 3.30 and ive got tuition after at home. Gah.

cockroach boy, i hope someone steps on you soon! LOL ;D
Towned with cousin, awesome as usual.

Edited section:
Since its 11.55. Liek 5 mins to 29.07.07
Love you much sister. You're thrilling thirteen now.
And sleeping like a pig now. Haha ;D

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