Saturday, August 9, 2008

It was a moment of weakness

I think i you're nice.
I think you're funny.
I think i like you.
Do you not feel the same way too?

Spent the whole of yesterday rotting myself away at home. Happy Birthday Singapore. Heh Well, I spent the entire day in bed on my laptop watching 'The Love Guru' and 'The Mummy 3, Tomb of the dragon Emperor' Feeling very satisfied with both shows. Love Guru was hilarious, The scene which showed Jessica Alba dancing to an indian song, cracked me up. Imma head out tonight to catch 'Money No Enough 2' I booked the tickets for the 9.40 show already![Edit: I cried like fuck , watching the movie!!! ] We wanted to catch the show at Vivo or Great World, I wasnt surprised that there wasnt much seats available left. So we unwilingly booked seats at Tiong Bahru [ Sidetrack : I have Officially declared my hatred on HeartLand Malls recently, But thats a whole new story, which i will tell when i have the time!]Also,I wanted to watch the Fireworks Display after NDP! But, then again i would only want to catch firework displays with my boyfriend(If i get one). Trust me, there are bound to be a few things/occasions that would only feel right only when you're with the one that you love. For me, it would have to be fireworks watching and going up the Singapore Flyer (: My whole family's gathered at the living area busy watching the NDP show on TV. Its almost the same every year. Dont you agree? But what is there about it, that familys around Singapore still turn on their TV's to watch it? Hmm. Dad says that it shows that despite our busy lives, we are all somehow patriotic one way or another? And by watching we're supporting Singapore silently. Rofl. What a theory. But still, somehow i silently wish that i'll be able to catch a glimpse of the Fireworks Display later. The breadth taking view of the Fireworks Display will definitely make my day. XO

Do you really not know how i feel about you?
We saw the Five Jet Planes from our windows.
And my sister got too excited . Rofl
I took a picture, of the pattern it made. ;o


Why is everyone asking me, why im not out looking at firewroks?
I wished i was, but i didnt even get to see fireworks today! Utterly dissapointing huh. :(
Well, im off to the movies! XO

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