Friday, August 8, 2008

Au revoir

I really savour the delights of sleeping late and waking up, whenever i want. It's not something i get to do everyday, It has now become something i yearn for every morning when i head to school : To be in bed sleeping!! Well today,I had the opportunity to sleep till the late afternoon. But again, tuition calls and i had to wake at 11am. Tsk.So, I didn't go to school, i don't see the point of going to school for only 2 hours, sing songs about Singapore and back. And to be honest, im not much of a patriotic person either (smirks). Anyways, the first thing i did when i woke up was to send a text to Lzhu. Telling him that i've thought about things, and finally cleared my head! Someone must have done something to me in my sleep.Or maybe it was the sleep. Because i just woke up feeling clear headed.

But before i close this matter up and never to talk or think about again, there's one thing i've been trying to figure out, why some people are wasting their life away and doing nothing about it. Why not, ask yourself what you have been doing for the past few years of your life. What have you achieved so far, that you yourself can be proud of? Do you see a bright future for yourself? Or a bleak one? Because in a few years time. You will be at the cross junction not knowing where to go. Have you even thought about your future?Would you you want to be served or would you be the one doing the serving? Not everyone is lucky enough to have their entire life mapped out for them by their parents like me. Your life is in a mess. Self reflection is required pronto!!!

Lasty,I would like to end this post off with personal thanks to those that have been there for me.
Thankyou for being there for me! And trying all ways to cheer me up when i cried and giving me all those advices! And, for wanting to emo with me? hah. Even though you're such a wall!! But i never regretted that day when i suddenly appeared in front of you, and got to know you! (:

Cousin, Atrina , Alex ,Gen and Yeer
Your concerns and comforts are very much appreciated! Though im sorry, i should have listened to you people from the start. But no i didnt. But still, you guys were there for me. Love you all!

Im sorry for everything , for being such a bitch to you. I know what i did, has hurt you i guess. How can it not right? And now, i have regretted every single thing that i said to you. It was stupid, of me to scold you like that and to ditch you aside for him. Plain stupid, but im glad that things are fine now. And glad that you dont blame me. But still, i sincerely apologise.

I read your post and im really happy for you!! Im happy that you've sorted things out and im sure, you'll see things in a better prospective from now on! You're so pretty and nice. You deserve so so much better! Trust me! And,What we had in the past for each other was all a misunderstanding and im glad that through this, i've made a new friend. Thankyou for everything too! Be Strong yeah? (:

P.s. Im heading back to my beauty sleep now! Its 3.02pm but, Im tired!! So tata for now. XO

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