Thursday, August 7, 2008

The place we used to love

Spent the entire afternoon searching for a new blogskin, but ended up not getting a new one.
One. because i couldnt find any that suited my likings and Two.Because I simply like this blogskin. School was fun today. But, still pretty messed up over what happened last night. Im not letting it affect me though. Ive got friends around me, that self mutilates themselves over small issues like this. And i think that its stupid. I would think that a girl would be worse than stupid if she self mutilates over a guy. Because guys arent worth our tears and us getting hurt. And also, its not pretty to have scars all over your arms right? We girls arent weaklings.We wont let loosers affect us. Lets just say. Its a blessing in disguise that they've hurt us!! Because when we fall and get hurt, we learn our lessons from this relationship. Pick ourselves up and become a stronger person on the inside. So tell yourself to stay strong. Because somehow. Out there there are people that love and cares for you. And its because of these people, that keeps me going strong. They're my pillar of support. Family, Cousins and Close Friends that have been going through rough and good times with me.(:

Learn to love youself before you can love others

P.s. Welcome Botak WeiJie back from Tekong!! (Recruit drop twenty! =x )
P.s.s Lzhu Soren, JY on your project!
P.s.s.s No Tuition today! *squeels*
P.s.s.s.s Gen introduced me to Advertisments in my blog to earn $!
(dont know if i really get the money. But no harm putting it ^^ )
PS. Lennon, I dont give a damn too (:

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