Sunday, August 10, 2008

The taste of your kiss lingers on
2nd Post

Im a happy girl today!

Today im proud of myself for the following [Seriously, its a miracle ],Number One, I abstained from the computer [My biggest temptation and distraction] well, almost the entire day.However, Mom's taking my baby [The Laptop] away from me, due to the upcoming exams. She's asking me to use the desktop instead,also because she cant stand the sight of me lying on the bed all day with the laptop on my lap,doing god knows what. I know what you dirty minded people are thinking.Well, FYI If im not watching Movies online,Im either gaming or chatting with people. Also, I gave $2 to church today. [Rofl] Mom said she was proud that i donated $2 out of my own pocket to the church today. hahah. Well, im a poor sixteen year old kid. $2 is alot to me yaw! :B

Also, I just got asked out on a date twenty seconds ago to Terminal 3 [ :D ], which i havent even been to yet. And he offered to be my tour guide there! Well, the date would actually consist of a 5 minutes business transaction (==)
God has proven to me that, the world dosent only revolve around my baby [The Laptop] I can still be a happy girl , without it. Well, maybe not. Hees. I got tempted in the end, and stole it back from my Mother when she was in the Living Area! Guess some things still hasnt changed.

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