Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer Like Never Before

Headed out to sentosa with cousin & venetta today. Awesome fun! Sentosa is a place that would be very fun if you've got the ka-ching!Cabbed to sentosa, Cam-whored in the cab, the taxi driver thought that we were taking pictures of him. wtf? Rofl. Headed over to the beaches, Palawan then Siloso. Bought a Frisbee at the island shop! And Cycled and played in the sea. Tanned as well. We built SandCastles! Havent built one in ages ages. Haha, at siloso, there was this weird malay guy that was burried in the sand. And kept turning back to smile. Weirdo kay. Then , something happened and cousin didnt want to built sand castles anymore! ): then, i saw a couple trying to catch fishes in the sea. And i really wanted to catch a fish and bring it home or something. But no small fishies appeared! Venetta sweared that she thought that she saw a seahorse in the plastic bag that the couple was using to catch the fishes! haha. I wana catch fishies!! Roar. After that, we headed home. Cam whored in the cab again! Then i had tuition. ):
Awesome. Cant wait for the beach again! mwahs! I missed baby loads today! PICTURES BELOW!

Spastic kay

Awesome Threesome!

Dont ask me wat we're doing

Wrong Shot, wrong angle?

There! Cam whore kay! ._.

Steps to building an ''ah-mazing'' sand castle!
Step 1: Create a Base/Foundation. Make sure
that it is, Firm!
Step 2: Put sand in your bucket/container.
and topple it all over the base! Rofl.
And ...........


The two dots in this pic was edited! haha! We saw the sand castle and Laughed.
Dont think dirty please. They're meant to be 'eyes' you perv! lol

We had Ben&Jerrys! Choco mint and Choco Fudge! Awesome kay!

And we cam whored in the lift too!

I look horrid here. See those eye bags?!
Lack of sleep kay!

We saw cute turtles at the Underwater world!
Omg effin adorable!!!!!!
I want one please? Pretty please! ;D

This certain turtle was humping the wall.
Very sick. haha

Wanted to touch the turtle, until
i saw the sign: Turtles bite! ;O

This was the underwater turtle viewing section!

I love this picture kay! I think it really looks like it was taken in its nature state, in the ocean!
;D obviously taken by me! haha

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