Sunday, July 6, 2008

Topsy Turvy


Here is my deepest apologies to doreen and Luyi. Its been ages since the 3 of us went out. and on a day that luyi can finally make it. My mom dosent let me out. I was really really keen on heading out with you girls. ): I promise that i'll make it up to you both soon okay? sigh. Have fun without me. ): im sure you both will.

Anw. Happy Birthday Mom!
even though, you can be very annoying. but you're still my mom. ): you didnt have to make an excuese saying that its your bdae and the best present that i could give you was to be a good girl and stay home. zzz.

Everything hasnt been awesome recently, ive been feeling so effin down. First the stupid maid thing, then that idiot and my test and all that nonsense.And now this. Fuuck, i wonder whats going on.I thought it was all perfect. But still i cant seem to figure you out. Never could.I have been getting the feeling that this was just temporary and its all going to end soon. Or am i thinking too much? Somehow i felt that i was just a substitute? I never seem to be able to figure out things. Because im always so 'blur'.I dont know whats right/wrong. And i thought now, finally theres someone there for me, to help me do things right. To be more alert and not so 'blur' and soft hearted. blehh, stupid pms. Or im prolly just thinking too much! ):

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