Friday, July 4, 2008

Feel your whisper across the sea

Didnt go to school today,gave some excuese that i didnt have to go to school and mom believed. Im in need of a new phone and a new ipod. And im gona nag until i get what i want. Hees! Well, i usually get it without having to nag. But, parents seem a little cash strapped recently. So purly asking might not work.Woke up at 12. Haha, had such an awesome dream, i didnt want to wake up.Its been ages since ive slept for so long. Considering i slept early last night. at like 12. I was expecting to wake up at 10 and not at 12pm. However,twelves hours of sleep, works for me.!Called baby at 7 in the morning to give him his wake up call. And then headed back to bed.
I guess im meeting cousin tomorrow. Either her, or im heading out with Dior & Loui Vuitton.! Lol! cant wait. Moms bdae on Sundayy. Is Youth Day next week? Bleh, it'd be great if its this coming monday. Cause then it'd be like a 4 day vacation. !

p.s.I miss yooou muchly.

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