Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Never been a fan of Long Goodbyes

I've always been acting childishly all the while, perhaps its really time to grow up....
You dont have to say sorry to me or anything, It was never your fault.After falling out of a two year r/s.It was you that made me love again. heh, thankyou very much too for all the joys you've given me.Though it was a short time, but the unlimited laughter you've put in my life will always be remembered.Im sorry for all the pain ive caused.Im sorry for those empty promises. It was my fault to begin with,Its unfair to even let you wait. I love you and thus i'll let go. If we're even still friends. We'll probably get to go out soon,after my exams definitely but i'll prolly give you a surprise one of these days and ask you out before you head in for your NS. And if theres still chemistry between us.Then perhaps a whole new story might unfold.i'll love you always,somehow.

Went home halfway from school today, was feeling terribly cold the weather is killing me.Could tell that LuYi was quite pissed that i was leaving her alone halfway, im terribly sorry my dear Loui vuitton.very.Thing's havent been fine with me lately, and the weather isnt making things any better for me yeah.Headed over to the doctors, he said i caught some viral infection flu thingy.So im on MC for 2 days! Met my darling superstar,phyllis and her mom whom is my cousin at the doctors as well. She has a suspected case of Hand Foot And Mouth virus.Get well soon superstar!

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