Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Daffodills In Love

Chinese Orals were a messed today. I spoke tonns of english words during conversation. Im gona flunk it so badly.Anyways, i missed you today. I know, that things have been rather awkward these days.And last night was just.So sudden.But i missed you & love you. Always have and always will i guess.Ive been bored outta my mind. And should start mugging soon.But im tired, i never seem to have time to rest these days.Everyday its been the same routine. School -> Home -> Lunch -> Shower -> Tuition -> Dinner -> Homework -> Bed! No time to rest, nothing.Im tired, im almost breaking down. Its just a matter of time. Anyways, just being random. I was looking through the desktop and found a pic i'll prolly share with you guys! haha

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