Wednesday, July 2, 2008

If i could turn back time


Met up with korkor at town today for dinner. haha, we had seoul garden! And now we're 'professional cooks'! haha! i swear he's effin hillarious.! Had an awesome dinner! damn full! Im sorryy! I was spose to treat you to this dinner okay. But instead we went dutch.Tsk Tsk. Next time i really treat! And kor sent me home, well to queenstown mrt. He took me to take the wrong train home ._. wrong way. Then he decided to drop at Queenstown station to take 111 home as it was a direct bus. And i gave him the wrong directions ._. not on purpose okay! lol

Im so sad that my maid is like gone, she was more than a maid for me. She was my friend i guess.She was there with me through the roughest of all roughest and now shes gone. Didnt even get a chance to say my last goodbye to her in person. That. is my regret. It was so sudden. So unexpected . I was clueless about everything until she sent me a sudden text saying that she was already all packed up and heading back to indonesia at 10 in the morning. I almost teared. I thought it was a joke. Until i went to the toilet and called back home to confirm the situation. Tried to control my tears but i couldnt. I miss her, she's the only maid that really knows me so so so well.! I got home, hoping to find her there. But found some new pinoy maid instead. That gave me her stupid dao face. She should know better than to show me attitude. If i want her out, i can just make noise and my mom will get another maid. 5 years with matter what wrong she did. she was the best maid i ever had. seriously.

What will i do without kissem. I so used to her ,knowing all my wants ! Like, giving me my medications and knowing that i only drink cold water and matching the clothes that i always match and hangs them up on the same hanger so it'll be easier for me....GAH

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