Saturday, July 19, 2008

I will possess your heart
Seriously,dont be a retard kay.Like really, i know im blur kay, but theres still sense in me!! >:/
idontfuckingcare anymore.If its so hard, then might as well let go? Right? Anyway, im sick. And i really dont wana care so much. I just feel damn stressed, cause i dont know what to believe and what not.So, might as well dont bother?

Yay. I finally got rid of my N73 and finally finally gotten myself a new phone! And its a slide phone too! Sony Ericsson W760i . There was no pink for this model.They ran out of the red coloured one! But who cares right. Haha, i wanted the touch screen samsung phone.But after much consideration i decided to get the W760i instead.
Yeah this is the red one!! Looks pink though! Tsk
Anyways! Quincy and cheryl are either one of the most retarded or amazingly crazyiest friends i've got. haha Quincy was trying to figure out the different ways to use/play with this heart toy thing. rofl and how to use it as an accessory!
Leg Bangle ==
Hair band ==
haha! dont mind me, my very first picture from my new phone! ;o

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