Sunday, July 20, 2008

Set her free from your clutches

Am currently waiting for my dearest eunice ong to come over to my place, she was sposed to be here at 11 but she's late. Gave Cockroach boy a wake up call at 12. So what, now im becoming everyone's walking alarm clock? Tsktsk! Im just gona do a quick post before i come back and blog more later, provided im not feeling lazy ;D Been sooo bored recently, i should really start studying eh.Prelims are starting next week. Call me a nerd / mommys girl whatever. But what im doing now, is setting a future for myself. At least i know, its a good one.Though ive been missing school alot this year.And no, i aint gona let anything set me back , not even you. Im gona ace my N levels and sit for my O levels, get into a good poly, before my parents send me off overseas for college.My future is already somehow planned out for me.At least i know where im heading to.Something i thank god for.Anways, i dont bother, and dont want to bother anymore. You go do whatever you want.Anything that makes you happy? heh. PHYLLIS IS AWESOMELY CUTE! She kinda like sang for me & eunice & nigel LOL. and shes so effin CUTE!

Recording.amr -

Tag Replies!

Haha! omg, you're the cockroach la. Cockroach boy!!

Yeah, and its awesome! haha ;D

Bestiee! haha i said that you're awesomely cute!

Hey Eddie. (:

Not seductive._. love you too bitch!

rofl. You & your colourful socks ehh! Lovelove!

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