Saturday, July 26, 2008

Her bubble gum love

Prelims were fine, except for social studies, i was literally almost dozing off during SBQ. Yeaah. But i didnt manage to like complete my SEQ last question was done halfway, suffering from finger cramps from all the writing too fast. Bleh, Chinese was okay, the questions were readable. haha! I remembered the letter writing format! ;D I think, my composition was rather interesting! Headed home, had tuition after. Seriously, im so very tired. The medications making me sleepy once again! Psh. cockroach boy, dont stress, dont stress! Whatever project you're working on seems pretty hard but give it your best! I dont have to worry about u not getting sleep right, cos you're a pig! heh! Alex is retarded i swear, and ohoh he laughs like a girl. His laughter is like, so high pitched. oh em gee! You all should hear it for yourself. haha. Anyways, i dont understand what the fuck is wrong with you. seriously! )=< Random pics below! ;D

This is so candid! ==
Thanks ah sis. Reading with my glasses. So unglam

cam whoree!

Check out me & cousin's matching
Bling Blings! F3

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